Work-Integrated Learning NZ (WILNZ, ex NZACE) is a non-profit organisation that promotes work-integrated learning to education providers, workplaces and government in New Zealand.

Our membership consists of staff from a wide range of organisations and institutions around New Zealand who facilitate student work experience in business, research institutes, and industry as part of students’ educational programmes.

We initiate, support and publish research in work-integrated learning and provide guidelines for institutions seeking to establish programmes. We publish the International Journal for Work-Integrated Learning and acknowledge the contributions from our global partners in this space.

Every year we host multiple webinars as well as a conference for work-integrated learning practitioners, providers and interested stakeholders to present on the latest research, current issues and new programmes.


Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) is thriving and widely accepted as good practice in New Zealand education, and WIL partnerships are sought after.


To provide leadership for the advancement of practice and research in WIL. 




Partnerships with Integrity

Embracing Innovation

Lifelong Learning

WILNZ Board Office Holders

Karsten Zegwaard

Dr. Karsten Zegwaard


Dr. Ondene van Dulm

Vice President

Katharine Hoskyn


Sonia Gallagher


WILNZ Committees


Chair: Karsten Zegwaard

Committee members:

  • Jenny Fleming (Immediate Past President)
  • Ondene van Dulm (Vice President)
  • Sonja Gallagher (Secretary)
  • Katharine Hoskyn (Treasurer)
  • Karen Vaughan
  • Klaus Reiter
  • Kylie Taffard


Chair: Klaus Reiter

Committee members:

  • Jackie Dean
  • Katharine Hoskyn
  • Craig Langdon


Chair: Andy Martin

Committee members:

  • Carine Stewart
  • Alice Hodder
  • Craig Langdon
  • Freddie Jefferd
  • Matt Stevens
  • Karen Vaughan
  • Andrew Tui

Communications & Marketing

Chair: Ondene van Dulm

Committee members:

  • Denisa Hebblethwaite
  • Katharine Hoskyn
  • Alice Hodder
  • Natasha Miller
  • Sonja Gallagher

Sponsorship & External Engagement

Chair: Sandy Muller

Committee members:

  • David Dannenberg
  • Amanda Lawson
  • Clare Murray
  • Katharine Hoskyn

Professional Development

Chair: Andy Martin

Committee members:

  • Patricia Lucas
  • Dhammika Silva
  • Sarah Moyne
  • Elaine Rutherford


Chair: Kathryn Hay

Committee members:

  • Jenny Fleming
  • Andy Marin
  • Patricia Lucas


Chair: Jenny Fleming

Committee members:

  • Decided at awards time