Good WILNZ Dialogue Webinars

WILNZ hosts a series of free webinars each year on topical issues relating to work-integrated learning and students in the workplace. WILNZ membership is not required – simply click on one of the links below to register. You are also welcome to delve into our archives of webinars from previous years – just click on the links to recordings below.

WILNZ Webinars 2024

WIL and Ethics

Facilitated by Sandy Muller and Suzette Dyer (University of Waikato).

Thursday 13 June 12.00-1.00pm

WILNZ Webinars 2023

WIL and Multicultural Engagement

Alvin Yeo and Annika Hinze (University of Waikato), Danny Paruru (Whakatōhea Māori Trust Board)

Thursday 23 November 12pm

WIL and Wellbeing

Jenny Fleming (Auckland University of Technology), Kath Hay (Massey University), Karsten Zegward and Gail Hutcheson (University of Waikato)

Thursday 7 September 12pm

WIL and Legal Risks

Craig Cameron (University of Sunshine Coast)

Thursday 27 July 12pm

WIL and Emotions

Jean Corey-Wright (Ara Institute of Canterbury | Te Pukenga) and Patricia Lucas (Auckland University of Technology)

Thursday 8 June 12pm

WILNZ Webinars 2022

Advancing Equitable & Inclusive Experiential Learning Opportunities: A Five-Stage Framework for Change

Facilitated by Ainsley Goldman, Gifty MacKay and Danielle Moed, University of Toronto

Thursday 24 November at 12pm

WIL Supervisors Supporting Students to Develop Resilience

Facilitated by Reena Soniassy-Unkovich, Massey University, NZ

October 2022

WIL Wellbeing

Facilitated by Dr Trevor Gerhardt and Dr Iro Konstantinou, Pearson College London

September 2022

Let’s Talk about WIL Research

Facilitated by Jenny Fleming & Patricia Lucas from AUT, and Kath Hay & Andy Martin from Massey University

September 2022

How Remote Work Influences Newcomer Socialisation in Organisations

Facilitated by Rebecca Downes, Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

August 2022

Work-Integrated Learning Going Virtual

Facilitated by Nima Riini & Olaf Sparrow, Wintec

July 2022

WILNZ Webinars 2021

Exploring the impact of WIL on the mental health of dietetics students: supervisor perspectives

Facilitated by Reena Soniassy-Unkovich (Massey University)

Understanding and managing risks in WIL: A conversation on principles and practices

Facilitated by Associate Professor Kathryn Hay (Massey University) and Dr Jenny Fleming (AUT)

Indigenous Employability

Facilitated by Dr. Patricia Lucas & Dr. Sally Rae, Auckland University of Technology

Teaching Bi-Cultural Competency in a WIL Course Aukaha kia kaha

Facilitated by Jeanette King & Clare Murray, University of Canterbury